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Friday Comes So Quick

Super busy today. I only had time to start drinking at 830.

I got a new copy of Manga Studio, I mean, Clip Studio Paint Ex, for only eighty seven bucks! Act now! This software only goes on sale about every four weeks! Full disclosure, Smith Micro didn't pay me a single dime for this endorsement. Also they will affirmatively sign you up for marketing emails for every single one of their products so you have to fix that.

Otherwise, I cannot believe that Congresswoman Federica Wilson accused General Kelly of calling her a racist term, e.g. "Empty Barrel". Whoah. There is no place for that kind of language...

Unless, of course, Congresswoman Wilson merely leveled the accusation of racism to distract from how much of a mindless, whooping Democrat shill she's been. How could I even think that? Why would an African American ever level a false charge of racism in a dumb attempt to get out of trouble? African Americans never do that... do they?

Okay, I will post a video tomorrow, please check back then. Thanks for visiting!

Comic transcript

Crimebuster places his gloved hands on the information desk table. "Oh, I'm sorry," he says. "The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Your hospital has a policy that requires one to be on duty at all times.

The two ladies manning the desk look at Crimebuster, then at each other. One of them offers "Mm-hmm" as a response.

Crimebuster adds "Or if she's not available, can you tell me who the S.A.N.E. nurse on duty was late Friday night?"

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