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Oops, Late Again

Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I got a dilly of a flu going on in my body right now and yesterday I wasn't in shape to type words on a keyboard and post an image. I feel a bit better today, and I'm happy about that. I keep having dreams about trying to compute the logistics of transporting objects thousands of miles. Perhaps that has something to do with when I drove to Denver and back last week, a 2,100 mile journey. I didn't mind the trip so much, but my subconscious did, I'm guessing. Anyway. Energy levels running low again. See you next week with a new update and maybe anither video!

Comic transcript

Crimebuster is at the Baron University hospital and talking with two women at the hospital's information desk about the location of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner's report.

One of the women almost yells in surprise, and excitedly slaps her co-worker on the shoulder, "Ooh! You're here 'cause those boys who raped that girl!"

Crimebuster replies "Yes, Ma'am. So Brentley was the S.A.N.E. nurse on duty that night when the victim was admitted?"

The other woman at the desk answers "That's right. The whole hospital knew within a day 'cause of all the gossip." She continues "Brentley's only in training for the S.A.N.E. position, but she was on duty at the time so she examined the victim herself."

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