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Recovering from the Flu

This was a tough week. Fever, chills, bodily aches, coughing, chest congestion, sinus congestion, headaches, listlessness, weakness. Most of it's gone now, and all that's left is some coughing. The nightmares about the highway are vanished. I don't know if they were technically nightmares, but they were certainly unpleasant.

And so now, now I am working on page number twenty of issue number four. So that's (doing calculations in my head) about six weeks left for this year, and five more pages and a cover to complete issue number four. Right now, I don't think I'll be able to make it. I might, if I grind all the way through my vacation. Hmm. Haven't done that in a while, but psychologically it does feel good to finish an issue every year. I just don't know.

Maybe I will. I mean, what else am I doing? I re-read a couple of the comics written by Dennis Eichhorn. They are fantastic, I enjoy re-reading them very much and they're very pro-click if you want to take a look. Each one is between one and maybe ten or so pages, and they're top-level autobiographical genre. Serious, I don't know anyone who ever did this genre better. He lead a strong life.

And right now, I was chatting with some stranger on an app. I talked about what I was doing twenty years ago. I made photocopies for $4.25 an hour. Using a jokey tone. I asked her, how about you, what did you do. She replied "Sales manager for a Fortune 50 company".

So I answered "Pretty cool. What'd you sell? Pogs? Cassette tapes? Night Ranger tickets?"

Haaaaarrrrr harrrr harrrrrrrrrrrr

See, she didn't write me back, that makes it even funnier what I wrote.

Comic transcript

Crimebuster is at the Baron University hospital and talking with two women at the hospital's information desk about the location of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner's report.

Crimebuster asks "Could I see the S.A.N.E. report?"

The woman at the information desk replies "Let me see... it says here I'll have to check with management before I can let you see that file. Could be a couple weeks."

Crimebuster stands, stops leaning over the desk and flashes a broad smile. "Swell! When you get it, please send the report to the Charleston F.B.I. office, and thanks very much for your time!"

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