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Learning How to Draw Pretty Girls in Comics

I'll say about this page, that I really enjoyed drawing it. One of the main reasons many artists initially learn how to draw is to learn how to draw pretty girls. You can draw them doing whatever you want! It's brilliant!

It takes guts, and a steely nerve. On the one hand, you must develop a dispassionate, critical eye to keep a distance from your work and ensure that you're drawing a female human being with limbs, muscles, bones, taut skin, and fat deposits. On the other hand, you must also keep your wild hairy pervert close at hand to provide continual inspiration.

Lose one, and the other runs rampant. Lose the other, and you might delve too deeply into painful, angry introspection.

It's not for sissies. You gotta hang tough!

Comic transcript

We leave Crimebuster and his pet capuchin monkey Squeeks on their way back to the apartment after searching for the S.A.N.E. report. Meanwhile, at the Baron University Computer Lab, in walks trouble!

We see a well-formed young woman with brown hair walking into the Baron University computer lab. She's wearing cutoff jeans and a gray t-shirt tight enough to show off her form but loose enough to allow sway and ripple. She has a pink hair elastic, and a tattoo behind her left ear. Bangles jingle from her left wrist.

Inside the computer lab, a young man with long brown hair hunches over a computer. We see he's got on wrist protectors for carpal tunnel, the result of long days and nights of coding.

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