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How to Draw Pretty Girls, Part Two

It takes years and years to learn how to draw pretty girls. Obviously, if you're fifteen years old and it's 1985 then you start with How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way and let John Buscema show you how to draw egg shapes and how to proportion a human figure so it's 7.5 heads tall.

Mull over that for a year or two, and then basically stop drawing until you're about 23, then start learning how to draw again with renewed vigor. Get a book called Master Class in Figure Drawing by Robert Hale and then painstakingly try to uncover what Mr. Hale means when he talks about seeing through a figure.

Keep going. Don't stop. Acquire a pervert's-eye-view of the world. Learning how to draw pretty girls is not for little sissy boys who scream and cry when things don't go their way. You little punk, who do you think you're messing with? Hmm?

Comic transcript

The hot girl who just walked into the Baron University computer lab stops. THe sound of clinking bangles causes the computer lab monitor, a young man in his early 20s wearing a dark shirt, to turn around.

The hot girl says "Hi Ildjarn."

Ildjarn says "Hi! May I help you?" No one knows yet if Ildjarn is his name or if it's just a nickname.

The hot girl frowns, prettily, and then cants on one thick, powerful thigh and says "Don't you remember me from last week at the Theta party?" Steam almost seems to emenate from Ildjarn's head as he drinks in her luscious young body with its remarkable curves. She has dark brown hair, almost black. The tattoos on her left arm detract, of course, but Ildjarn does his best to ignore them.

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