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How to Draw Pretty Girls, Part Three

First, I want to say that Google did something in November 2017. Usually this site gets about 5 or so clicks every month from natural search. I checked yesterday and saw that this site had one natural search click in the last 28 days. Yikes.

Granted, this website serves a very niche audience but ... well, I don't know how this will turn out. Will google shift back to their old algorithm? Maybe, maybe not. I think I will have to do some research and start optimizing around specific keywords. In summary, ain't nothing easy.

Right, drawing pretty girls, you want to draw pretty girls, sure. Well, like I've been saying, that's not easy either. I think John Kricfalusi had some interesting things to say about drawing them. One of them was, I think, that there are a lot of little things that one has to get exactly right. I'd agree with that, it's like the same way when we know someone's playing off tune, there's a subconscious expectation that has to be met for the viewer to have a good experience. Here's a link to John Kricfalusi's "pretty girls" tag on his site, there's some good stuff there.

I remember one of the doofs I went to college with. About 8 or 9 years after I graduated I was looking around for information on computer drawing in 3d, and by chance, I'd found an article about it that was written by this same doof, I recognized the name. And he used a girl drawing as an example, and I'll be dipped if he didn't end up drawing a girl's face that looked almost exactly like his face. Man. Same dumb expression and everything.

But maybe there's something there, you're drawing an idealized picture of a girl, so you're going to look at different places for your inspiration. But yeah, have some self-awareness, will ya?

All right, I had planned on doing some drawing on page 22 today, and it's 5:37 and the time's getting away from me so I will end this here. Thanks for visiting!

Comic transcript

We're in the Baron University computer lab. Ildjarn swallows (gulps, actually) and says "S-sorry, no." to the hot college-age lady's question. Ildjarn doesn't go to frat parties for fear of beatings, but he isn't going to tell her that.

The hot lady smiles, turns sidewise to Ildjarn and casually slides her butt on the table next to him, sitting down in lovely repose. A line of dots extends in a straight line from Ildjarn's eyes to her 38 Ds and his mouth drops open.

The hot lady continues in her casual sing-song "Well, I was pretty drunk, so I'll forgive you... My name's Jennifer, in case you forgot. Are you in charge of these computers?"

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