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How to Draw Pretty Girls, Part Four

Yeah, it's important to understand that girls have a skinnier rib cage than guys, and their hips are wider. Also their bones used for walking and grabbing are longer than guys. And their muscles are less dense, overall.

I could go on, but being able to name all the visual differences between girls and boys that I can imagine would take quite a while. And there's stuff I still haven't figured out yet. It really, really helps to take a figure drawing class or two. They got chicks in the nude there.

Okay also I wanted to add about a recent story where a dude named Cebulski pretended to be of Japanese descent in order to get a job with Marvel. By using a Japanese name he was able to pass himself off as an exotic and a minority, and he won accolades and readers by pretending to be a Japanese guy who "understood" the Western way of drawing comics and was able to merge them.

And the breast-beating I've seen from SJWs and Asians is stupid as hell, as per usual. Like for example, Huffington Post asked a couple of Asians (A Vietnamese and a Chinese, unless I miss my guess) to tell everyone what they thought about this horrible man getting a job in comics.

One Asian, the Chinese one (I think), said, "to use an Asian pen name when someone’s not of Asian descent is wild to me, especially when so many actual Asians are constantly denied access to these kinds of opportunities."

They don't even recognize the idiocy coming out of their mouths. Hey, world-economy-dominating Chinese person, go back and look at what happened. The guy got a job by pretending to be Asian. If Asians were constantly denied access to jobs in comics like you're saying then he wouldn't have gotten the job. Dumbass.

But I guess the smart Chinese guy was in such a big hurry to denounce the horrible man who got a job that he left his logic capacitor in his suitcase along with his powdered rhinoceros horn for when he wants to get a boner. Thanks for destroying Africa's megafauna along with 100 million other dumb middle-class Chinese strivers.

But anyway, Cebulski apologized and he kept his job, so to heck with all those SJWs.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Comic transcript

In the Baron University computer lab, Ildjarn keeps staring at Jennifer's boobs, but then suddenly he realizes how hard he's staring and also he realizes that Jennifer asked him a question.

"Yeah! From ten till four, anyway." he says, jerking his head left and down.

Jennifer has observed where his eyes were, and she smiles to herself. She slides her butt off of the computer table and kneels before Ildjarn, grabbing him by the shoulders.

"Ildjarn, I need your help" she says, "Will you get something for me?"

Right away Ildjarn says "Yes".

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