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How to Draw Pretty Girls, Part Five

So take all that stuff from the previous four lessons and then combine it together. Drawing pretty girls should be fun, but for a very long period of time it's not. There's a necessary refinement in your process. A girlie drawing you made last month might seem great at the time, but next month you'll look at it again and see a lot of flaws. This is natural. This is how you learn, and you must not let yourself get discouraged in your efforts to become a pervert who draws comics. Keep going!

Otherwise, this is the last post of 2017 and I'd like to take time out to thank everyone who's stopped by to read, even if it's that one IP address from a Russian server whose bounce rate is 100%. You're probably a bot, but if you're not, thanks anyway. It's been swell posting once a week, and I look forward to posting again in 2018 for your entertainment pleasure.

Lastly, this is a weird time for America. The cultural pendulum's swinging back to where it needs to be and this has put several people into a panic. Maybe the analog is like the 1970s. Or perhaps even the shift from the 50s to the sixties.

Some opinions today are deemed dangerous. Even when the people who hold these opinions have zero intention of using violence, the people themselves are declared dangerous and are met with force, which is unfortunate. Beyond the obvious shouting fire in a crowded movie theater, or direct threats against individuals, free speech should have no limit. It must be met with free speech, and with reason. When there's no debate, there's no civ.

From all of us at Comics for Grownups, we wish everyone a violence-free new year, and a happy and prosperous 2018! Good night!

Comic transcript

Closeup on Jennifer, who's looking for something. Her ample young bosom is close to Ildjarn's exposed knee. Jennifer looks upward, urgency in her eyes.

"Well, Ildjarn, I need you to look in all the emails that got sent to and from the Lacrosse team house." Her bosom moves a full inch closer to Ildjarn's knee. "Can you do that?" she asks.

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