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Posting Early Today

All right, it's July 22 and at age 46 I am more than aware of the time speeding by. It speeds up and there's only a limited amount of it. Not an original thought, I know, but I'm surprised by the experience of it.

Keeping this blog topical, Donald Trump provided his acceptance speech yesterday and it was a barn burner. The people in my facebook feed, who are probably being more honest than the average media personality, are by turns terrified and huffy that someone would dare talk about the things that are not to be discussed. He didn't even talk about them in reverent tones!

One of the interesting theories I read (not from the facebook feed) was that Melania Trump's filching of some sentences from President Barack Obama's wife's speech at the 2008 Democrat Convention was intentional. The speechwriter knew that they would be "caught" cribbing, and it was part of a plan.

By "getting caught", newspapers everywhere who hate Donald Trump and the earth he walks on would run pictures of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama side-by-side when they printed stories about the affair. These side-by-side pictures would subtly invite voters to compare the two women, one as a potential first lady. The newspapers would also run sections of Melania Trump's speech, and some people might be interested enough to read the entirety of her speech. This theory made a great deal of sense. It wasn't my theory, but if you search around you should be able to find its author somewhere.

Lastly, if you enjoy this comic, you can donate to its author here! Or you can go ahead and buy a paper version of the The Lax Team Sex Scandal, and not wait a week in between pages!

In any case, thanks for reading!

Comic transcript

Panel one shows an email that one of the lacrosse students sent we can't read what it says, but we know that its contents are extremely funny and probably juvenile.

Next, in panels two, three, and four, we see a group of male college students relaxing and drinking fermented barley products at the off-campus lacrosse house. They are happily chatting it up until they hear the ring of the doorbell.

All of them freeze this was the sound they were waiting for, and despite the din of their loud chatter, the sound of the doorbell was plainly audible.

Then, as one, the college lacrosse players cheer and the word goes out. The Strippers Are Here! Soon they will see the two Caucasian strippers they ordered take off their clothes and dance suggestively in front of them! This celebration will culminate the festivities that celebrate the launch of the newest lacrosse season. See how happy they all are!

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