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Happy 2018 from Comics for Grownups!

First post of the new year. It's strange, in a lot of places I'm seeing and hearing and reading where people complain about how 2017 was a bad year. I don't get that. I've never heard of that sort of thing before, with the rare exception of talking with some individual person who had dealt with a lot of personal hardship in a particular year. I've never seen it discussed in a newspaper or magazine, like I have never (before 2018) read an article about "Boy 1987 was sure a bad year wasn't it?" or "Dudes 1994 totally sucked, let's face it".

I'm presuming I'm reading this stuff this year on news sites and whatnot because the media companies are about 100% run and staffed by angry butthurt liberal progressive globalists who still! Still! Cannot believe that Donald Trump won the election. Also I heard it once from a Lyft driver who'd said that 2017 was a bad year.

I don't know. If I let who was President bug me, then a lot would have to change about my life.

I remember in 2012, after President Barack Hussein Obamulon ascended to his second term, feeling a little bad. I quoted Macbeth Act 5, scene 5, 19–28 a couple times. I blocked a couple people on twitter who were engaging in excessive celebration about Obamulon's ascension. And then I was over it, more or less. Also I heard Adam Corolla say something like "Screw it. Just keep your head down, bust your ass the next four years, and you'll make money."

Between 2012 and 2016, people who didn't like Presidente Obamulon policed themselves and their friends. We tried to focus on policy differences, explaining to whoever would listen that Obamacare was an ill-designed law that would bankrupt itself. If someone started getting really angry and talking about impeachment and whatnot, we'd tell him to chill out because it was never going to happen and to wait till next time. It was only the real nuts who kept screaming about impeachment and birth certificates anyway, and they were kept well away from the mainstream of people who didn't vote for Obamulon. We waited.

And that's what we did. Most of us. Well, that's what I did. And I focused on myself and tried to make my self better because I had way more control over myself than I did over who got to be President.

Also I heard that Mitt Romney's campaign had sold t-shirts and merchandise that said "Romney/Ryan 2012" that had not been shipped out to customers but was still languishing in the warehouse on election day. That told me Romney was running a terrible campaign and I did not feel bad at all that he lost.

Comic transcript

Ildjarn, current admin at the computer lab, is talking with the comely Jennifer, who is in search of emails written by members of the Baron university lacrosse team (several members of which have been accused of raping a black stripper).

Jennifer sidles even closer, a look of solemn understanding and fascination on her face as she stares deep into Ildjarn's eyes. She'd asked him whether he could get the emails in question.

"Sure, theoretically" he answers, feeling her breath on his face. "All students have accounts on the Baron email server, and I have admin rights."

Growing nervous, Ildjarn moves his knee a small amount, afraid that it might touch Jennifer's breast and cause her to get angry.

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