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How to Draw Pretty Girls, Part Six

No topics related to drawing pretty girls can be exhausted, I don't think. There's always some shade of meaning or new technique, whether it's how breasts move or womens' skeletal structure or hair forms or even how to pose them in a perverted manner.

And I'll say that in this panel here, the camera's at an upward-facing angle, below her chin, and it's a challenge to keep the skull in its correct perspective and at the same time try to keep the girl looking cute. As that one guy said, if you're serious about figure drawing, then get yourself a human skull, by fair means or foul. Holding a skull in your hands and tilting it gives you an incalculable insight on the face.

Also, don't use poser. You can't learn to draw with poser. You simply cannnnnnn't.

Most importantly, as John Kricfalusi said, "Put some life into your work! Be proud of your heterosexuality!"

Comic transcript

Ildjarn, current admin at the computer lab, is talking with the comely Jennifer, who is in search of emails suggesting the lacrosse team wants to harm the black stripper.

Jennifer squeezes Ildjarn's hand tight against her bosom. A "moosh" sound affect appears behind her head, suggesting yielding softness. Jennifer appears almost in tears as she begs "But I need your help, Ildjarn! That poor woman was raped by those awful lacrosse players."

She pauses, and says it again with more emphasis.


Ildjarn doesn't react immediately, and so her voice takes a frustrated tone as she said "I can't believe you're just going to sit there and do nothing when you can help her. Help all women." Another squeeze for emphasis, and to suggest.

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