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Lent is Very Long When You're Lonely

So we're about... ten days into lent as I write this. 37 more days to go, wow.

There was a school shooting the other week, emotional and political fallout is still being blown around by the wind, irradiating schools and guns and gun rights and kids in general. I think it might be a good idea to arm teachers, I think that Israeli teachers are armed.

I also think it's odd when European countries say "uh fuh we European citizens are not allowed to own guns and mass shootings almost never happen here". No, but they do get the odd terrorist attack which gets between 80 or 100 people and their biggest problem is not discussing their suicidal immigration policy. Is that whataboutism? I guess so.

Okay, then, to avoid whataboutism, I will address their question, e.g. why doesn't America forcibly disarm its own citizenry and avoid mass shootings at schools? It's because we have the second amendment in our constitution. And we also have a very slim 5-4 majority conservative judges on the supreme court. Who, so far, have ruled in favor of the citizen's right to defend himself with the best technology available.

Can the supreme court make it illegal to own guns? Not so far as I can tell but probably 100 years ago it would have been impossible for the Average citizen to think that the supreme court would say the constitution gives homosexuals the right to marry and women the right to abort their children.

So we don't know what the future will bring. 100 years ago there wasn't a mass media with a political agenda... well, they had an agenda. There were different news papers and they all had different political agendas. But unlike 2018 there were more than seven people who owned and ran the news agencies. Or something.

But we truly do not know what the future will bring. I hope it's not taking away our guns. And if teachers were armed surely every one or two years there would be a student who got shot from an accidental discharge, but probably school shooters would get theirs before they ended up murdering dozens of their peers and it'd more or less be worth it.

Okay, like I said, Lent is pretty long. I'm still working on that motion comic but it's going great and I hope to have it finished this weekend. Thanks for coming by, and I'll see you next week!

Comic transcript

Ildjarn, current admin at the computer lab, is talking with the comely Jennifer, who is in search of emails suggesting the lacrosse team intended to harm the black stripper.

Having finished giving Ildjarn a boner through her mere proximity, Jennifer turns and almost dances away, out of the computer lab. Ildjarn turns and gets one last eyeful before she goes.

Jennifer skips into the hallway. We see a shadow. Someone's been waiting for Jennifer. "How'd it go?" says the shadow, and adds "Did you get what I told you?"

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