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A Day Early, Enjoy!

All right! Today I got issue #4 of the lacrosse rape hoax from the printer's! I wanted to give the announcement like this:

Issue # 4 of Project: Dildo is now available!

The joke here is that I thought for a moment that Project: Dildo was a stronger title than "The Lacrosse Rape Hoax".

Well, some jokes sound good in the moment, and then a week later you re-read them and you wonder what you were thinking. This could be one of those.

Otherwise, I'm posting a day early cuz there's a Lenten fish fry on the morrow.

I was telling my dad today, my goal with this book is not fame and fortune in this lifetime. No, because at this time there is zero demand for my comic. But also, my goal is to endow posterity with a good record of how people thought and acted in 2006. Well, a little demand would be good, too. I had some plans in that regard. I wouldn't say no to some demand.

Oh yes, I am almost finished with the animated comic I'm working on. I hope to do one last putsch this weekend and finish it, then I can begin on issue #5. Looking forward to it!

Comic transcript

Ildjarn, current admin at the computer lab, has just finished talking with the comely Jennifer, who was in search of emails suggesting the lacrosse team intended to harm the black stripper.

Jennifer answers the question from last page with a dead-on impersonation of Ildjarn, saying "It... it's wrong, Jennifer!"

The figure comes out of the shadows. She's a short, bulky woman with short hair, and she starts belly-laughing along with the comely, big-boobed Jennifer. "What a tool!", exults Jennifer, tossing back her head, "He was eating out of my hand!

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