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Comic transcript

The night of the accused rape, the men of the lacrosse house, #41, #87, #20, and others (they all called each other by their numbers) had ordered two Caucasian strippers from the stripping purveyor.

At about 11 or so, there was a knock on the door, and the captain, #41, went to the door and said "All right men, that's them! Settle down!" because the lacrosse team #41 was in charge of was acting like one would expect a bunch of 18-21 year olds to act.

With aplomb, #41 opened the door and introduced the strippers to his team.

Yet there was a problem. Even though #87 had specifically asked the stripping company to deliver two caucasian strippers, before the team stood a half-negro, half asian (also known as a "blasian") woman, and an unquestionably black stripper. Neither of them were caucasian, in other words, and the team stood open-mouthed in surprise.

#41 said to #87, "What's the deal, eighty-seven? I asked you to order white exotic dancers!" and #87 replied "I don't know, forty-one! I'm just as surprised and disappointed as you are!"

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