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Still Lent

Lent is really dragging. Anyway it's almost over.

I just got back from a 4,000 mile journey to the southern united states. Thought about doing a kickstarter, but what for? Good question.

I was thinking, boy wouldn't it be fun if I could take time off from work and work full time on this comic? That way I could get the comic completed (I'd hope) in 2018 rather than 2024 (at the current rate).

But ... the career I have, it's not really safe to leave it for an extended period of time; there's too much new information to keep track of. Well. Yeah, I dunno. I'd rather not take counsel of my fears, but I do have a professional career to consider. Comics are fun but I have to pay the bills.

And that train of thought launches me into the "am I a dilletante?" mental conversation so I'll skip that for now.

Recommended books: "London Journal, 1762-1763" by Boswell. This is a dude who was 22 at the time. He moved to London from Scotland and decided to write about his life. Fascinating snapshot of the time. Wrote everything that happened and mailed his journal each week to a friend. Here's a bit from Saturday 4 December:

At night, Erskine and I strolled through the streets and St. James's Park. We were accosted there by several ladies of the town. Erskine was very humorous and said some very wild things to them. There was one in a red cloak of a good buxom person and comely face whom I marked as a future piece, in case of exigency.

We've all had friends like that, right? Just another night in December, hanging out with your buds, the darkness and everyone else in the world is an audience tonight and you're on center stage on the street, and the scene is your friend is talking with some random prostitutes.

Fascinating stuff. Bringing people to life and holding them, as it were, "in a sunbeam" for an age of man, to be enjoyed and considered far in the future.

Comic transcript

The gray and blue steel of the Durham County Police building appears in the night. It's March, 2006. There's been an accusation of rape. One black stripper by three college age white males.The grim faces of Durham's policemen are bent to the task of finding the guilty.

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