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Too Late

Oh well, it's Saturday as I write this and I didn't post it on Friday. Apologies to each of ye who visited looking for the latest. I try to stay on top of these things but oh well. Next week I'll post on Friday.

Talked the other night with a bud. Yeah, I don't know what it will take to get this book a'selling. I can hope it does, but that's like expecting to win the lottery when you just buy one ticket. This is one book, and there are millions of other books out there. It's for posterity that I write this comic, posterity is the only judge.

Uh. Otherwise things are going well. I've started issue #5 and issue #4 will be available on this site soon, so I'm going to continue on. Thanks for visiting!

Comic transcript

Detective Lila is meeting with Jamie Gumb in the Durham Hall of Justice to assist in the identification process for the Baron University students she accused of raping her.

As Jamie sits down, a coat held tightly around her shoulders, Detective Lila says "We need you to identify the men who did this to you. Are you ready to do that, Jamie?" We see that Detective Lila has a book with her, and the title reads "Baron University 2005." Why does she have that?

Jamie replies "Mm hmm."

As they are about to begin, the female officer who escorted Jamie into the interrogation room interjects "Oh, Detective... I didn't know you were doing identifications. Just a sec and I'll go get the mugshot books."

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