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Client Attorney Privilege

Well the big news (there's always big news every week) is that the office, hotel room, and home of President Donald Trump's personal attorney was raided by the authorities in search of we know not what. Someone, no one knows who, said it was in relation to the 2006 (huh, synchronicity, this comic book is set in 2006) Access Hollywood tape where Donald Trump was talking with Billy Carter about how some women out there tend to throw themselves at billionaires and allow liberties with their persons. The authorities, supposedly, wanted to ascertain whether Donald Trump's lawyer had taken any other opportunities to protect the reputation of his client.

Sounds to me like the lawyer was doing his job. But hey. You know, there was a photograph taken of our former President as he was jokey-joking around with Louis Farrakhan. This was immediately suppressed. That's illegal too, right? No?

Well, I don't get all this law-talking stuff. But a Federal Judge was presented with evidence that some monstrous crime had been committed, as well as strong evidence that a mere request of the lawyer for the items in question would not yield quick results.

And so the authorities (FBI agents, natch) were authorized to inspect and take items from the personal lawyer of a sitting US President. I wonder whether along the way they photographed or copied any other information unrelated to the accusation, but perhaps I am cynical. These agents would never abuse their authority.

Once again, democrats and bernie bros are freaking out. Freeeeking out.

Anyway. We're coming up on the end of issue #2. I need to put up issue #4 for sale on this site. I also need to get cracking on issue #5. Been teaching myself perspective. Gotta go! Thanks for visiting!

Comic transcript

Detective Lila is meeting with Jamie Gumb in the Durham Hall of Justice to assist in the identification process for the Baron University students she accused of raping her.

Detective Lila holds up her hand, signalling the officer that she will not need the mugshot books today. Detective Lila adds "No, officer, that's all right. I've got a copy of the Baron University Yearbook right here."

Detective Lila holds up the book. She turns to the woman who has accused three white Baron university students of raping and beating her in a bathroom for thirty minutes and says "Now Ms. Gumb, this is the yearbook for this year's graduating students. I'm turning the pages to the Lacrosse team section, okay?"

Jamie Gumb replies "Yes'm."

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