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Dominoes Falling

Sun Tzu says

Knowledge of the enemy’s disposition can only be obtained from other men. Knowledge of the spirit world is to be obtained by divination. Information in natural science may be sought by inductive reasoning. The laws of the universe can be verified by mathematical calculations. But the dispositions of the enemy are ascertainable through spies and spies alone.

He had this other quote, about how when a general puts his plans into operation, it's like a great stone rolling down a hill, or like a waterfall sweeping all of one's enemies away. I was thinking of this for two reasons.

One, the Justice Department Inspector General referred the former Deputy Director of the FBI to the US Attorney in Washington for criminal charges.

Two, I saw a miller lite truck today and the side had this big photo mural on it of 13 cans and they were sort of tipping over like dominoes. Like, the 13th can was completely on its side. I guess it meant you can have 13 miller lite cartridges before you pass out.

But yeah, it's been my experience that SJWs / lefties / progs are very vengeful people. It's not enough that they disagree with you, but they will try to get you doxxed / removed from your career if possible.

Comic transcript

Detective Lila is meeting with Jamie Gumb in the Durham Hall of Justice to assist in the identification process for the Baron University students she accused of raping her.

Detective Lila proffers the Baron University yearbook towards Jamie, open to the page where the University Lacrosse team photos are. Detective Lila says "Okay Jamie. Now take your time, and point to each of the lacrosse players who attacked you on Friday. " There is an asterisk next to her word balloon, and there is an orange caption in the lower left bearing a similar asterisk. The caption reads, after the asterisk, "Don't believe me? See page 23."

A fellow female officer in the room has overheard and she thinks there must be some kind of interference with what Detective Lila has said and the sounds that her ears have heard. Disbelieving, the officer yells "What?" in a piercing, loud voice.

Detective Lila does not answer, but instead she leans toward the officer and gives her a glare.

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