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Oooh that Fox News Again!

Fox News! Fox News!

I just think it's really weird that liberal progressive democrats, whenever they hear something they don't like, they say "Did you hear that on Fox News?"

Because then they can just ignore the whole story. And signal to their fellow liberal progressive democrats on the right side of history "Beep beep! I'm one of the good ones!"

Anyway. Ugh.

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

Billy smirks at the blond girl who's maybe 12 or 13? There's a blotch on his face but I'm certain that's a printing mistake. We see a school building in the background, and a tree with a fence around it. Billy shakes a coin at Virginia and says "I bet a quarter with Tommy Munro that you'd beat Betty in the exam, an' you did! Here's a dime - which I think is a fair cut! It was a sure thing!"

Virgina holds up her palm, she says "No thanks - I don't want it! You ought to have sense enough to know betting is a serious thing! You could be kicked out of school if you got caught! Besides, there's no such animal as a sure thing!"

They walk along the clean, safe street in the city. Things were very different in this time period than they are now. Billy says "You're wrong, Ginnie! There is, so! Just to prove my point, I'll try a little experiment - I'll bet the dime that I can kiss you without touchin' you!"

Ginnie, slow on the uptake, says "You're crazy! That's impossible - and just to teach you a lesson, I'll take that bet!"

Billy does the obvious, grabs her really hard. Both of their books drop. Both students have their books bound together by a leather strap. Backpacks are generally unknown in this time period except for people who hike.

Ginnie, still not getting it, whines "But you touched me, billy! See - you lose! Pay me!"

Billy rubs his mouth, savoring the scent and the feel. "Uh huh!" he says, "I know - I lost the bet, but it was easily worth a dime to kiss you!"

Billy then scurries down the street like a rat, with Virginia chasing after him. Her word balloon shakes as she runs, it reads "Billy Bates - If I ever catch you, I swear, I'll ..."

It's later. We're at a football game. A caption reads "Then, in High school." We see young children holding pennants and they're excited. One child wears a sweater with the initials J.H. on it. In back of him, another kid holds a pennant that reads "Raleigh" or something.

Virginia is older, she has a pennant that says "Jervis" and a white sweater with the letter J on it. She also has on a white skirt. Billy's got a smug look on his face, he's wearing the same type of hat that Ed Norton wore in the Honeymooners.

Virginia says to Billy "Oh Billy - we just have to win the game! It means the district championship!"

Billy nods. Got that smirk. "Uh huh - only don't forget, that Raleigh High is a tough team to beat! They out-weigh us ten pounds to the man! The odds are all against us."

The crowd leans forward, gasps. Fists are raised. Virginia smiles and says "It's our ball - and look - Tommy Munro has it! Run, Tommy, run! "

Tommy puts both fists in front of him, he yells " Tackle him , Raleigh! Pin 'im down! "

Tommy gets tackled on the field, he's surprised. He holds onto the ball, though. In the stands, we hear Virginia say "Oh heck - he's down! Billy! Did I hear you rooting for Raleigh just then?"

Billy says "Are you crazy? Who me? Heck, no! You must have been hearin' things, Ginnie!"

It's later. Billy and Virginia are leaving the stadium from Gate 21. Billy has his hair parted right down the middle and he's wearing a frigging bowtie. Also the cuffs of his jeans are rolled up, that's a smart look right there. Virginia eyes him suspiciously and says "We lost - twenty-nine to seven - and honestly, I think you're glad! You don't look a bit unhappy!"

Billy looks away, smirks a bit. "You've got me all wrong, Ginnie - Of course I'm sorry we lost! What kind of a traitor do you take me for?" He pauses. "Wait here for a sec, Ginnie. I have to see a guy about something!"

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