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They're Getting Kinda Punchy

I dunno. I wonder whether there is some divide growing in this great nation, some fundamental way people see things that cannot be reconciled with another viewpoint, some demand for settling things without words.

I sure hope not! I'd rather have a conversation where the other side is taunted and ridiculed along with having each of their points logically and reasonably refuted. If they are men of reason, then they should understand that the beliefs they hold are incorrect. Then they should abandon those views and seek a new understanding that incorporates the truths they have learned.

I mean, come on, it's pretty simple. Man is not perfect, and he cannot be perfected by laws.

Thanks for coming by, everybody!

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

Billy's coming out of the football stadium. We see electric lights in the background, I'm surprised to learn they had night games as far back as then. Anyway Billy leans against the turnstile, he is talking to a guy in a red uniform. I guess the red guy is a ticket taker.

Billy says "Okay brother - give! Two bucks! I told you Jervis didn't have a chance!" Red Guy counts out money and answers "So what? I'll get it back next time - One... one-fifty... two - there you are!"

Virginia is Billy's girlfriend. She's a cute blonde girl, and she's wearing a white outfit with a J on it and red trim supporting her team. She's watchign the transaction and getting upset. Virginia says "Billy! He gave you money! -- I saw him! Tell me, did you bet against your own team - did you? Answer, yes, or no!"

(Wow, Virginia is acting like Billy's her husband. What's her problem? They're in like the eighth grade or something)

Billy smirks, spreads his hands in supplication. "Yes, if you must know - look Ginnie, be sensible! The odds were against our winning! It was the only logical thing to do!" (like he's Spock all of a sudden)

Virginia stomps away, yelling "Why, you two-faced weasel! I never want to speak to you again!" Billy, following after, says in a grating whine "But it was a sure bet, honey - you can't be sentimental about betting!"

Later (but without a caption to tell us this, we know that it's later on). We see that we're in a school now. Billy ditched his hat. He's leaning against a door that says on it "Room 275, Editorial Office, Jervis Journal." That's awesome, that the school paper has its own dedicated room and lettering on the door. There are three dudes in there, a blond kid with a white sweater, a blond kid with a red sweater, and a tall skinny kid wearing a weird hat. Billy says "Hi, fellers. How goes the Jervis High Scandal Sheet? Are you going to meet your deadline for a change?"

The blond kid is familiar with Billy. "Hey, look who's here! 'Bet-a-Buck' Bates! Hiya, Bill - Heck no, how can we, with Don Hindle, our editor, home sick? We'll be lucky if we're only a week late! He's the only guy that can get the staff to pull together!"

Bill smiles, he's confident now. He pulls some money out of his pants pocket. "You guys always talk that way at deadline time - I've got a five buck itch that says you'll meet the deadline! I know it sounds like a sucker bet, but I'll take my chances - is it a bet?"

The stooge with the white J sweater smiles, takes Billy's money. "Hey you guys - you heard Billy! I'm taking him up on that bet! You hold the stakes, Jerry - here's my five!"

Jerry (the blond kid in the red sweater) leans back from his manual typewriter and watches the other kid in the white sweater continue. "And it's payable Monday at noon! Okay? Well, now that the bet is official, I'll tell you what a big sucker you were for not asking for odds, Billy! This is one bet you'll lose for sure!"

Billy, resignedly, says "Maybe so, maybe not!"

New scene. No caption. Billy is in his house, and he's on the phone concern trolling with "Don", the editor of the Jervis Journal who's home sick in a bathrobe. "Hello, Don?" Billy says, concern trolling, "This is Billy Bates - it sure is tough about you being sick! I just called to see if the rumor is true - I mean, if the paper doesn't come out on time, that Van Benson will get your job as Editor-in-Chief! It sure would be rough, especially when it's not your fault!"

Don can't believe it. "Huh?" he says, "Gee, I hadn't heard that - thanks for tipping me off! S'long, Bill!"

Don starts dressing. His mom comes in, she's wearing an apron. Her arms are spread out in exasperation, but her shadow on the door seems to suggest that she is only turning her back on her son. "Don!" she says in a harsh, reprimanding voice, "Where are you going? Why are you getting dressed? You know you're still too sick to go out!"

Don replies "I feel much better now - honest, Mom! I'm going to school - I've missed too many days already!"

It's later, again, with no caption. Don's back in the driver's seat at the Jervis Scandal Rag. "Start proofreading that article on the prom, Ed!" he yells, "We're going to meet that deadline, or I'm gonna make some changes around here!" Don is sweating from the exertion.

Ed, the chump, says "Aw, have a heart, Don! This isn't a city newspaper! What's the diff if we are a day late?"

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