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Well, the news of today is that a hispanic-looking man in San Antonio assaulted a group of teenage Americans because one of them was wearing a hat with a slogan that the hispanic-looking man did not like. Not only did the hispanic-looking man grab the hat away from the teens, he also leveled a racial slur at them (missing the mark, of course, because none of the teens were black) and threw the contents of a soda cup at them.

This anti-social action was shared by the teens on social media and the hispanic-looking man was immediately identified as a part-time employee at Rumble, a San Antonio bar. The bar made a post on Facebook explaining that the hispanic-looking man (Kino Jimenez, pronounced Key-no Hee-men-es) did not exemplify the standards of behavior expected from the drinking establishment, and had been fired.

Social media being what it is, of course, a number of people left comments on Rumble's facebook page, enough so that Rumble decided to delete their own facebook page.

Anyway, the War Between the States did not break out in a single day. It had been preceded by decades of antagonistic policies that drove North and South apart and left no avenues of communication. Things like keeping a balance between slave states and free states, and then the Kansas Nebraska act where the people would vote on whether the Kansas territory would be free or slave, that stuff was happening in the 1840s and 1850s. In Kansas, there was an incident where around 800 pro-slavery men descended on Lawrence, a town of 1500 people, and looted and burned the town. A dude named John Brown decided he would arm slaves and attempt to initiate a slave insurrection.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. The question is, how to make the left stop whipping people into a self-righteous frenzy? How to make the left admit its own mistakes and renounce all lefty politicians that espouse violence?

So far we haven't had any legislation that has really pissed people off. The left is trying to make immigrant child separation a thing, but that's not catching on, I do not think. Most Americans know that the kids are separated for a matter of hours while their border-jumping parents go through deportation court. less well known is that parents can be immediately reunited with their children if they sign a piece of paper agreeing to their own deportation.

This came out more jumbled than I thought. The point is, I am going to make ruthless fun of those jerks on the left who use violence to intimidate people and further their inane political ends.

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

And it's a couple years later. Billy Bates, inveterate gambler, is gabbing with a guy at the local pool hall called "Bert's Pool Room". Billy says "Bet ya a buck you can't put the number three ball in the corner pocket!"

The other guy answers "Oh no you don't, Bet-a-Buck! You won't get a bet with me! Me or any of the other guys, either! You're too lucky! Whatcha gonna do now that you've finished school?"

Billy doesn't answer but goes outside. He says to himself "Gosh - I can't get anyone to bet with me any more! Heck - at this rate, I'll have to go hunting up a job! That would be awful! There ought to be other ways to pick up some easy money!"

An older lady approaches Billy as he's leaning against a lamppost. She holds out a fin and says "Oh, there you are! Mabel said I'd find you on this corner! Look, here's five dollars - play it to win on 'Fancy Doll' in the fifth at Belmont." Billy's taken aback, and replies "Huh? I... uh..."

He takes the money anyway and watches the lady walk away. He says "That Jane must be nuts, handing five bucks to a stranger." (yeah! Bureau of labor statistics says that five bucks in 1948 has the same buying power as $52.00 in 2018!) "I've got it!" continues Billy, "She must've thought I was a bookie! Now what'll I do? I don't know a thing about horses!"

Billy goes back inside Bert's Pool Room and talks to Mullins. "Hey Mullins - you know a lot about horses! What chance has 'Fancy Doll' got of winning the Fifth at Belmont?"

Mullins frowns as he chalks his cue. "That nag!" he says, "If it doesn't run last, it'll be a miracle! 'Heavy Cream' should run away with that race!"

Billy schemes, and says "I could place the bet with Lucky Dan, but heck, if it hasn't a chance of winning, why give him five bucks? I'll keep it for myself - only what if it wins? How could I pay off? Aww... I'll take a chance."

Now Billy's listening to the live broadcast of the results of the fifth race at Belmont. He makes a fist as the radio says "...Fifth at Belmont... 'Heavy Cream' by a nose, 'Happy Rhoda' second, 'Irving W.' third..."

Billy's excited. "Wow!" he says, "'Fancy Doll' ran out of the money! That means I'm in five bucks! Boy, what a soft way to make money! How long has this been going on?"

The same lady approaches Billy outside on the same street corner outside the cigar store. She holds out some dollar bills and says "Hello, I guess I had bad luck yesterday! Will you put this six dollars on 'Gloomy Day' in the Seventh at Belmont? Two across the board!"

Billy smirks. "Sure thing!"

A different woman comes up with more money. She says to Billy "Oh, mister, my friend said you'd take a bet for me! Would you play this on 'Darkmoon' in the Eighth at Monmouth?"

Billy reaches for the money, his pinky out. "Two bucks on 'Darkmoon' - Sure!"

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