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We're All Nazis Now, I Suppose

There's some frustration on my part, but I have to let events unfold as they will. Alone, I can't stop leftists and lefty sympathizers from declaring that their ideological opponents are literal National Socialists. For example, here's former celebrity Dan Harmon telling us that somehow 29% of Americans became National Socialists and they must be put to death:

Of course, some of the big news this week is that Mr. Harmon recorded a video comedy sketch in 2009. I haven't seen it, but I understand the plot of it is that the main character (played by Mr. Harmon) tries to prevent an infant from growing up to be a murderer by raping the infant himself.

Now, you need a big IQ, apparently, to understand the humor that Mr. Harmon was going for, so his Big IQ defenders are saying that he should be allowed to continue making his hit television show (and millions upon millions of dollars for Cartoon Network).

Mere days previously, however, Roseanne Barr (whose show I have never watched) was fired from her television show because she had written a short uncomplimentary statement that compared a person she didn't like to a character in a movie.

The rules change. Mr. Harmon, of course, apologized, and so did Mr. Barr, but so far Mr. Harmon has been allowed to continue making his hit television show and Mr. Barr must wait for years until the furor dies down.

Seems like there are two sets of rules about offending people. Sometimes it's okay and sometimes it's not. I wonder if that two-tiered system we have now in America makes anyone upset.

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

Lucky Dan pounds the table in angry frustration. "Blast that Bet-A-Buck -- of all the fool luck! I'm goin' down an' have a talk with him!"

The boxy orange radio says "Milestone paid 16.50, 10.70 and 6.00 - Nancie ran second, paying..." and then trails off, as if embarrassed.

Lucky Dan's outside now, meeting Billy by Billy's official bookie lamppost. Lucky Dan says "Bet-a-Buck - you just had crazy luck on that Rosy Ring bet! You're bound to hear the story, so I'll give it to you straight - I had one of my boys place that grand bet for me - figured it would teach you a lesson! Well, I lost, an' that's that - but I think you've learned what I meant about takin' chances - how about that deal we talked about?" (little long-winded, there, Lucky Dan)

Billy replies "You bet it to scare me? Gosh - you sure did! It taught me a lesson, all right! From now on, I'll be more careful, but I'd still rather be on my own!"

Lucky and his mustachioed pal "Louis the Geeky Geek" walk away. Billy stares after them and mutters "Why should I tie up with Dan? Heck, at the rate I'm goin', I may be able to have my own syndicate some day!"

Scar Danes walks up to Billy. Scar says "Hey bud - I got a bet for you - two grand on New Baby in the third at Millhill!"

Billy barely glances at him. He says "Two grand? Sorry, bud, but I can't handle a bet that big."

Scar reaches into his suitjacket pocket and appears to point a weapon at Billy. Scar says "Oh, yeah? You're a bookie, ain't you? You take this bet, or else - "

Billy's understanding. His palm goes up towards Scar's broken face. "Okay, okay - I'll take it back to your boss in person - he oughtta know he can't catch me twice on the same gag!"

Billy and Lucky Dan are talking at Lucky Dan's desk. The room stinks of cigar. Billy tosses the envelope with the money. "Here's your two grand, Lucky! Your stooge wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, but you can put your own bet on New Baby!"

Lucky exhales. "What are you yappin' about? I didn't place any bet with you! On the level, Bet-a-Buck, somebody really gave you a legit bet - but it wasn't one of my boys!"

Billy is calm. He replies "Then, if you didn't, who did? The guy who gave me this dough was a little sawed-off runt, with a scar down his face an' a crooked nose!"

Lucky Dan's eyebrows raise in concern."Scar Danes", he whispers, "he's one of Gabby Vinnetti's downtown mob! Brother, you really are in a jam!"

Lucky continues, "The race must be fixed, for him to be betting that kind of dough on New Baby! Yeah, a lot of dirty work goes on down at that Millhill Track!"

Louis the Geeky Geek adds "That's the track outside Cashville, ain't it? Gabby's got pals down there! Boy, if you ain't got the dough to pay off, you better skip town!"

Billy's head jiggles in surprise and alarm.

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