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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Something

Good Evening and welcome back to a fun-filled Labor Day weekend. I noticed it this week, right where the ulna connects to the bottom of my hand. It seems to be the muscle that allows me to tilt my entire hand left or right. Like, if my palm was facing you, I could tilt my hand left or right while my palm was facing you. I think it's an adductor muscle. Or whatever.

Anyway it was bugging me this week, I guess I've been typing a lot. I'm going to either try to type less or hold my elbows up when I type.

In this week's comic page we see less shadows as Mr. Norman Maurer focuses on expressions. But they're still there. We can see one lurking in the first panel. It's really cool, how he did that. Just by messing with a couple shadows in an earlier comic, I'm aware of an energy of potential in the other shadows he draws. Hard to describe. It's like there's this menace in the jet-black silhouette and I know that Mr. Maurer is capable of making that menace explicit.

Anyway, have a good weekend and enjoy this week's post, huh? Yeah! You just do that!

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

Virgina's father has been getting blasted on the pipe's contents. He brings Billy into the next room and we're aware of the quiet, awkward stillness. Remembering, Virginia's father reaches into his wallet and pulls out a ten. "I'd like you to place a bet for me - " he says, "You're in the know! You pick the horse for me - here's ten dollars - Not a word of this to Ginnie or her mother! They wouldn't understand - you know women!"

Billy's a little surprised. "But I'm giving up gambling!"

Virginia's father takes another hit, and then winks indulgently at Billy. "Of course, of course - I understand! Ha, ha! As for you and Ginnie, you have my blessing!"

Now it's Billy's turn to play dumb, like his soon-to-be-bride Virginia. "Gee, thanks, Mr. Parker - I'll get someone to take the bet for you!"

About a half hour passes. We're in a different room now with Virginia and Billy. It's a restaurant called "Cafe Metranome", I think, but I'm adding an "M" into the name that I don't see. Virginia says "What did Daddy want to talk to you about, Billy? I hope he didn't disapprove of you as a son-in-law because you gambled!" (sheesh, talk about direct)

"Oh, no - " says Billy, ignoring the barb, "Not when I told him I was really reforming!"

Virginia smiles. "Oh, Billy, darling, if you really mean it, prove it by getting a real job! If you do, I promise to marry you the minute you start!"

Billy's game. "You mean that, honey?" He raises a fist and says "Hey waiter - check please!"

The waiter's ready. He's got Billy's check in his front pocket.

Now Billy's running out of Cafe Metronome to his gigantic car. "What's the hurry, Billy?" asks Virginia in her new mink coat.

"I'm taking you home!" yells Billy, "I'm off to get a job! You'd better start packing for our honeymoon, Sugar, 'cause I'm going to be a man with a job by morning!"

The office of the LL telephone company smells terrible because of the generous abuse of cologne from the man at the employment desk. The desks are all the same and they're in a geometric pattern. Men stand at them, stiffly, as if they'd been drawn for a different purpose and re-used.

Stinky raises a friendly eyebrow at Billy. "So you'd like a job with the telephone company? Did you have any special kind of work in mind?"

"I'd like outside work, if possible!" says Billy. "I don't like bein' cooped up indoors, if it's all the same." He got used to his bookie lamppost.

Stinky's all smiles. "How about a linesman's job? The pay is good, and it's all outside work!" In the background we see Stinky's desk is right outside the office of George Cobb, manager.

Pretending not to notice the smell, Billy makes an uncomfortable smirk and says "Swell - can I get an employment card right away, and plan to start work next Monday? I'm gettin' married tomorrow, but I'll be Jerry-on-the-job Monday morning!"

I guess it all worked out okay at the phone company because Billy's on the phone talking to his fiance. He's saying "Hello, Sweetie - You're talkin' to a reformed character! I'm a full-fledged linesman for the telephone company! Start packin' Honey - I'm on my way down to City Hall right now to apply for the marriage license!" Panic rises in him, but he controls it and continues. "We'll get married tomorrow morning and leave on our honeymoon!"

Billy's back in his shitty, cheap apartment. He's packing again, but this time he's taking his time because he's not fleeing violence. He sings "Oh, what a beautiful morning, or what a beautiful day". He asks himself "Have I got everything?"

Gee it all seems to be going all right for Billy! He's getting his way and everything! Will it last? Will it? Find out next week!

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