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Getting Along

Well it's Friday afternoon, and I'm listening to Hate Forest on Spotify. I cancelled my sub with Spotify after they announced their "Anti-Hate policy, but I'd purchased a year in advance. They certainly weren't going to give me a pro-rated refund (because why would they give me my money back?) so I'm still listening until my sub runs out.

Although I found out (just now) that Spotify has "walked back" their anti-hate policy. Why? Because people complained about how certain "artists" whose entire act was bellowing doggerel couplets about raping women were getting kicked off Spotify, and this made Spotify get accused of "racism" rather than get showered with lauds.

The accusation of "racism" is a strange one. In most cases, the accusation is the evidence.

As far as I can tell, it's only the Very Good People who accuse others of racism. The Very Good People are concerned with all this hate and white supremacy, and so when they froth at the mouth and call you a racist they are doing it out of the best of intentions. They certainly wouldn't accuse someone of racism in order to stifle debate, or to get people in trouble out of spite, or for spurious reasons. They're Good People, you see. Good People aren't racist. Only bad people are racist. So when a Good Person accuses you of racism, their accusation is all the evidence that's needed, because they're Good People and they know when someone's being a racist.

Or something like that. I can't ever make the logical ends connect, so to speak, so that's what I make of it when a Good Person launches an accusation of racism.

Otherwise this week I was on vacation and had several stirring conversations with a dear visiting friend.

Finally! Things are starting to happen in this comic! We have Crimebuster showing up! Punching is imminent! And shadows!

Thanks for visiting! Have a good weekend!

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

Billy's exiting his apartment. It's daytime, but we see a cartoonish shadow on the wall leading to Scar. Scar is smoking a butt and flipping a coin, like he's been waiting for Billy. But Billy doesn't see him yet, Billy's saying shit like "Let's see, I have the ring, the license - all I have to do now is pick up Gi..." His voice fades as he notices Scar.

Scar says "Hello, Bet-a-Buck!" He pulls an envelope from his breast pocket and lurches with it overhand towards Billy. He says "The big boss said to play this five grand on Happy Day in the seventh at Millhill!"

Billy holds up his hand, palm facing Scar. No. "Sorry, Scar, but I can't do it - in the first place I've given up bookmakin' - an' besides, I'm getting married today! So long, chum!"

Scar pulls a gun and points it at Billy's center mass. "Oh yeah?" he asks rhetorically, "Think again, wise guy - you take this bet, or it will be funeral bells, instead of weddin' bells for ya - which is it? Make up your mind!"

Billy's hand changes from No to Okay sure. "Okay, you crazy fool! I'll take it! Now put that gun away!"

Billy holds his head with one hand and the envelope in the other as Scar walks away. "This wrecks everything!" thinks Billy, "Now I'll have to fly down again, and place that bet! Ginnie will be furious, but I can't help it! I'll have to call her from the airport and explain!" His speech balloon shakes with wild energy as he yells "Hey, Taxi - "

Back at the airport. The sniffy guy who was there at the desk last time is still there. Billy asks "A round trip ticket to Cashville on the next plane out."

The sniffy guy replies "Sorry, sir - All flights are cancelled due to weather conditions!"

The sky is gray. In the airport lounge, a man lights up a smoke as he's sitting there on the couch right out in the open and no one has a heart attack or dies in shock, but this affords no amusement to Billy. "I'm ruined!" he thinks, "I can't reach the track in time, and I can't cover the bet! On top of that, I should be at Ginnie's house right now! What am I going to do?"

Meanwhile, here's Crimebuster and his pet monkey Squeeks, talking to a doorman. This is really the first time Crimebuster has appeared in the story so it's very shocking. He's talking to a doorman who wears a green outfit with a little stupid badge on his hat.

The doorman says "Bates? Yessir, he lives here, but he won't be back until next week! He's getting married at noon, today!"

Crimebuster asks "Is there any place I can reach him? It's very urgent!"

Now we're looking at Crimebuster from behind the doorman. Crimebuster lore says that Charles Biro, the writer, insisted on drawing Crimebuster's face even when other artists drew the story. Like the artists would leave out Crimebuster's face but do all the other art and Charles Biro would draw in his face for the last part. Yeah, that's right.

The doorman says "If it'll help you, I know the address of the girl he's going to marry!" that's handy but whatever. I guess Billy and the doorman were good buddies and their relationship was fraught with pranks and good times but it didn't have much of a bearing on the story so it was left out. THe doorman, annoyed at the commenting on his life, continues "It may be too late to catch him there, but you can try - her name is Virginia Parker, and she lives at 114 Charles Street!"

Crimebuster's at 114 Charles Street in a flash of light. Virginia answers the door. She's got her hair in a cute style. As she opens the door, Crimebuster says "Miss Parker? My name is Crimebuster! I'm trying to reach Mr. Bates! I was told you two are getting married!"

Virginia's confused, like usual. She hesitates, then replies "Yes, but oh gosh - Something must be dreadfully wrong! He was supposed to be here an hour ago! I'm so worried!"

Virginia's hands and head shake in urgency and alarm.

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