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Not much to say this week, other than it seems to me, and I might be wrong, is that the Democrats are trying to prevent Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation in the same way that the Democrats got Barack Hussein Obama elected.

Now wait a minute, let me explain.

It seems to me, that in 2008 and 2012, all criticism of Obama, no matter how innocuous, no matter how policy-based or factual, was presumed racist and presented as racist. Naturally no one wanted to be judged a racist so they backed down from their initial criticism or rephrased it, or even didn't voice it in the first place.

It seems to me, in the same way, that discussion of Dr. Ford's credibility as an accuser is also presented and presumed to be based in foul sexism and in support of a male-dominated rape culture.

Anway, enjoy this week's episode! Thanks for visiting!

Comic transcript

We're looking at a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

The big car speeds onward, leaving Billy's body to flop and scrape along the concrete, friction dragging it to a stop. Inside, Jimmy Olsen says to Scar "Ya dope! Ya didn't take the dough! Gabby will murder us if that guy lives an' blabs to the cops!"

Scar replies "Don't be a dope! He's a dead pigeon! If the bullets didn't kill him, the fall will! He'll throw the cops off our trail!"

The taxi that Crimebuster and Virginia are in screeches to a fishtail stop. Virginia yells "Crimebuster! Stop - it's Billy! They threw billy out!"

Virginia approaches Billy's still form, calling his name.

Crimesbuster suspects spinal injuries and says "Don't touch him! He's in bad shape - there's nothing more we can do until the ambulance arrives!"

Later in the hospital, Billy coughs through blood and says to Virginia "I'll betcha a hundred to one ... I ... don't get outta this hospital alive!"

Virginia sassily cocks her hand. "You will, Billy! This time, I'll be rooting for you all the way!" A white haired guy in a white outfit, I guess he's a doctor, he says "We'll do all we can, Crimebuster" and leaves the period off of his sentence.

Now Crimebuster is rifling through Billy's wallet, and Virginia is watching him. Virginia says "Crimebuster, I just know Billy can't be mixed up in counterfeiting! He was a bookie, yes, but not a criminal!"

Crimebuster raises an eyebrow. "Look at what was in his wallet - $5,000 worth of phoney money! He'll have to do a lot of explaining! For your sake, I hope he can!" The wallet ID card seems to say he lives in Tarrytown, NY.

Doctor comes out of the operating room wearing a baker's hat. Virginia implores "Billy... Is he... Will he..."

Doc takes off his mask and sighs. "Yes, my dear, he'll live!"

Crimebuster's monkey Squeeks shifts unsteadily on his shoulder. Crimebuster ignores his monkey and says "Good! I've arranged police protection for him!"

Crimebuster turns to Virginia as Squeeks hops onto his other shoulder. "His gangster friends seemed so anxious to kill him they'll probably try again!" Just like in the Godfather! "He should be safe in his room! It's up a story from the street, and there are guards outside of all the rooms, as well as downstairs! C'mon, we'll see if he's awake yet!"

Virginia frowns and says "You're right! They might try again to keep him from talking!"

Billy struggles to sit up. Aggressive debridement got most of the asphalt out of his scalp. He smirks as he sees Virginia. "I owe you a hundred bucks, honey - that's the first bet I ever lost! Doc says I'll live after all!"

Crimebuster leans close with a notepad and pen at the ready. "Give me your story, Bates!" he says, "Who were you going to pass this counterfeit for? Don't deny it because it's right here in your wallet - five thousand phony dollars!"

Billy jerks, the muscles in his spine grind and his broken, swollen ribs squeeze against his lungs. "What?" he asks, "Why those dirty skunks - Bettin' with counterfeit dollars! I diodn't know - I swear it ... It was Gabby's downtown mob! Gabby forced me to take his b... "

Three loud bang noises come through the window. There are bullets! The angle of the bullet travel seems almost horizontal, but forget it, the artist was in a hurry. Billy doesn't finish the word starting with "B" but instead he says "Ohhh...:

Crimebuster stands still, listening.

Wow! Did Billy not finish his sentence because he was surprised, or did he just get blasted? Find out next week, dammit!

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