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Lying Christine Ford

Most liberal progressives are too smart to fall for this but you might ask them:

What piece of tangible evidence presented at her testimony was it that made you think "This Dr. Ford here with the high-pitched nightmare baby voice is a credible witness against the character of Judge Kavanaugh?"

That is, what evidence was presented that tied her allegation to a specific time, or a specific place, or a specific person?

I sure didn't see any. But so many people are saying "Oh gosh we have to have a seventh FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh based on the unsupported testimony of this Californian head case psychology professor!" that they must have seen something.

Anyway it seems like Flake is going to suicide bomb the confirmation as a final middle finger to the President. Lookin' for that sweet money he'll get as a conservative commentator on MSNBC.

Otherwise, outside I hear a dog barking as if it's being terrified or harmed. Oh well. Now it stopped.

Last page of this comic! What happens next ? Well, you'll see what you get next week, you will! Thanks for visiting!

Comic transcript

We're looking at the last page of a classic Crimebuster comic today and for the next couple of weeks. Like all of them it has no given title, but it's packed with action! If you would like to know what it's about, just read the angry caption on page one but remember to come back to this page for the latest!

The echo of the bullets die away. Crimebuster peeps out the window and sees a green car speeding away. Crimebuster yells "Stop that truck!" and a policeman blows his whistle, but the only answer from pedestrians on the street is a single question mark punctuation.

Then a police prowler cuts off the escaping car! Tires screech! Over the loudspeaker a policeman yells "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP, OR WE'LL START BLASTING YOU ALL TO KINGDOM COME!"

Scar and desiccated alcoholic Jimmy Olsen step out of the car. Scar, chastened, says "We give up! Don't shoot!"

An angry policeman snarls "The yellow rats wanna live longer! They'll wish they were already dead when they face the chair!"

And now we're back in the hospital room where, indeed, Billy was hit by the bullets from last week. Blood trickles from the side of his mouth. He holds his side where the bullet ripped his liver apart and caught the bottom half of his lung. His fiance Virginia hold him and says "Billy! Billy - darling - you can't die - you mustn't!"

Billy gasps and whispers "Looks like I win my bet after all! Keeps my record clear - see, I never lost a bet! Forget me, Ginnie - I'd never have been good for you! It's too late to reform me! I guess I'd bet with my last breath..."

We look closer at Billy's smirkless face. He finishes "...Bet-a-Buck Bates, that's Me!" Then he death rattles "Ohhhhh..."

Crimebuster's on hand to console Virginia outside the Erley County hospital. I guess he must have given her a moment or two. Anyway he says "Poor guy! He was right, though, Virginia! He may have gone back to his old ways!" You tell her, Crimebuster!

Crimebuster's pet capuchin monkey Squeeks looks carefully over Crimebuster's shoulder. "He wouldn't have wanted to hurt you, but in his heart he knew he'd go back to gambling!"

Virginia sobs, and says "I guess you're right - I never could have made him change!"

Now we meet Loover, a guy who's associated with the police in some indeterminate way. We're in Loover's office. There's a picture of Abraham Lincoln on the wall, and some file cabinets. Loover's congratulating Crimebuster. Loover puts his hands on Crimebuster's shoulders and says "Nice going, C.B.! We nabbed every one of Gabby's gag - thanks to you! Now the local police are really cleaning out all the bookies in this town!"

Crimebuster's regretful. He says "Too bad about Bet-A-Buck! He didn't deserve to die! He learned the hard way that gambling doesn't pay off!"

Crimebuster's words fade off. We are traveling through the city, several blocks west. Down, now, down to Billy Bates' official bookie lamppost, right near the pool hall and Nancy's Cigar store. A man in a dark suit is hanging out there. An older woman approaches him. The broad seems familiar, maybe it's her nose. She says to the guy "Oh, Mister, where you been all week? I missed you - here, play this five on "Finale" in the fourth at Hialeah!"

The guy looks up, reaches for the broad's money. "Finale is right, lady!" he pronounces.

Now he grabs her arm and says "You're coming along to the station house with me!"

Dim realization flickers across the broad's big nose, then her face. She says "Y... You're a cop! But you weren't fair! You were standing right where my favorite bookie always stood! How was I to know?"

A couple of magazines in the window of Nancy's Cigar store watch the scene. The words "The End" appear.

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