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Lyrics to Love Missile F1-11

US Bombs cruisin' overhead!

Cool song.

Comic transcript

Okay I did a whole comic of ghost stories, and this was the last story in it. You've already read this story, but it was gratifying to me to hear what a friend had said about this particular comic.

What my friend had told me was, he had watched a female acquaintance of his read the story above, and when she hit page nine she started screaming. "You got her", he said.

Yeah, there was something about that particular element in this story, and the particular description that the anonymous writer chose, that pulled me in a direction. It still spooks me a little to read it. I hope when you read it, it was dark, and you were alone, and that you're beginning to hear soft noises you can't explain so easy. Halloween nears as I write these words on the internet, re-visiting a story I had drawn eighteen years ago.

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