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A Day of Thanksgiving

Sometimes you make plans and sometimes the plans fail.That happened to me yesterday night when I had to take my cat to the 24 hour emergency vet place which has a horrible waiting room designed to make people feel terrible. The 24 hour vet's waiting room is like that "pepto bismol room" that they stick drunk or aggressive prisoners into. Except it's worse. Because the pepto bismol room doesn't have a gigantic loud tv that blasts the home and garden channel into your concern about the suffering of your animal.

Anyway. That sucked, I got home at 4:30am last night. Gotta go again tomorrow. The cat's fine, for now. Probably they'll pull the twist tie out of him tomorrow. Don't ask how much it costs.

Sorry, I don't post this as a "pity me" but instead I post it as a reminder that sometimes life doesn't go how you think it's going to go. And that it's okay when that happens, or at least you can't prevent it from happening, so that makes it okay.

Please enjoy the next page in the Three Daughters of Coluath O'hara comic. I re-read part of it today and I'm surprised at how aggressively shojo manga the art turned out to be. The comic story wasn't shojo manga, like, not very much, but a lot of the panels were very evocative. I liked Moto Hagio's "Drunken Dream" collection, and I guess that came out in the art.

But there's a lot more blood and gore in this story than I've ever seen in a shojo manga, so there's that to look forward to.

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book based on the ancient Irish Myth the Three daughters of King Coluath O'hara. The translation and story was from Jeremiah Curtin's book Irish Myths and Fairy Tales but don't go and spoil the comic by reading it. I'll be posting a page a week. Please let me know in the comments if you want to buy a copy and end the suspense, and if enough people want it then hey I'll publish it. Thanks!

The oldest sister, wanting to get married, goes up in the castle, puts on her father's "cloak of darkness", and she wishes for the most beautiful man under the sun as a husband for herself.

So she takes off the cloak, and runs downstairs and there's the finest man she ever laid eyes on, there in a golden coach pulled by two white and two black horses. He takes the oldest sister away.

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