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Cheers for 2019!

Give it your best this year, everybody! We will not see another prime number in the year until 2027! We got spoiled. We had a prime number in 2011 and another prime number in 2017, only six years later! Then we thought the fun was going to last a long time because it was only two years to the next prime number year.

Well, now look at what happened. It may have only taken two years from 2017 to get to the next prime number year but this is the last one we're going to see for a long, long time. Don't you forget it.

UPDATE: Actually 2019 is divisible by three, please ignore.

I think that Rashida Talib should be shamed out of office for what she said today. It probably won't happen because she's a democrat and special consideration is to be given to democrats (or so I'm told), but I think she should be shamed out of office.

In this week's page, my recrimination is the original face in panel one. It's hard to simultaneously draw deep anguish and also cuteness. In the first version I released to the world, her nose was way too big. The version on this page addresses that error, and I think she's cuter with a smaller nose. Below is the original, inked back in 2007.


Gotta go! Thanks for visiting! See ya next week!

Comic transcript

You're reading a page from a comic book based on the ancient Irish Myth the Three daughters of King Coluath O'hara. The translation and story was from Jeremiah Curtin's book Irish Myths and Fairy Tales but don't go and spoil the comic by reading it. I'll be posting a page a week, and the first page is here. Please let me know in the comments if you want to buy a copy and end the suspense, and if enough people want it then hey I'll publish it. Thanks!

All went well until a daughter was born to the third daughter of King Coluath O'Hara. When the child was a week old a great gray crow came and swept her away.

This time the mother dropped one tear on a handkerchief, which she took out of her pocket, and then put back again.

When the husband came home from hunting and heard what the crow had done, he asked the wife, "Have you shed tears this time?" And she answered "I have dropped one tear."

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