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Witch Hunt is On!

Okay so Mark Waid, right, he called Antarctic Press because he was angry that that comic book publishing company was going to publish a book that had raised $400,000 in crowd funding. The $400K signified that there was at least some fan interest in the book and it might possibly raise a profit buuutttt Mark Waid didn't like that because he had the idea that the guy who wrote the book and raised the money, Mark Waid decided he was too mean to women.

ANd it's ironic because Antarctic Press publishes at least one anti-Donald Trump book every single month, but that didn't save them from Mark Waid's angry wrath.

Because in response to Mark Waid's call, Antarctic Press said that they wouldn't publish the book. And also Antarctic Press left a statement on their facebook page about what they did, and why, but they also said theyd take down the statement in seven days, I guess because they're moral cowards and they wanted to memory hole the entire incident.

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