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A Bombshell Explodes - Crimebuster Returns

The idea for this cover was cribbed/adopted/ripped off from Crimebuster's first appearance in Boy Comics #3. Something that was done, in days long ago, was publishers would release the first issue of a comic but give it a later number. Sometimes, this was done in order to dupe unsuspecting comic readers into thinking that the comic had a substantial following, enough to make it into a third issue of continuity. For example, the comic "Jetta" by Dan Decarlo did this. In the case of Boy Comics by Charles Biro, #3 took up from where another comic, Captain Battle, finished after issues #1 and #2.

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Comic transcript

Crimebuster bursts onto the scene like a shell exploding in the middle of a war! It's the cover to the Lax Team Sex Scandal, and America's re-introduction to the hero known as Crimebuster!

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