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Boy Comics 15 - Iron Jaw vs the Rodent, April 1944, Page 8

Hello fellows! Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good week! Mine was kind of busy, but it turned out all right.

I saw in the news today that Japanese doctors suspect that the COVID19 virus might be spread without any symptoms at all. And on Wednesday some CDC guys briefed congress on the virus and suggested that in two weeks to four weeks time we might be seeing a lot more cases than the 13 we know of today because of how quickly the disease transmits without visible symptoms. They hypothesized that today there may be like hundreds of cases going on right now in the US that we don't know about.

And of course all of the rest of us have to keep on trucking and telling ourselves if there is an outbreak it won't come to my town. Well, we'll know more two weeks from now.

I got short shrift for you today. Didn't have time to fill out word balloons so the page is kind of hard to read. I'll see if I can remember to fix this tomorrow but I wanted to get a page up today.

Okay cowboys, I have to go and hit that dusty trail! Adios until next time, partners!

Comic transcript

You're reading an edited and "re-mastered" version of Charles Biro's comic book Boy Comics # 15, published in 1944. In it, we see Crimebuster fight this guy named Iron Jaw, who's trying to escape from US Law Enforcement and continue his campaign of domestic sabotage on behalf of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. I revised the dialog balloons, and made new ones because the original scan made them hard to read. If you're interested, you can start from the beginning by clicking the link to the first page.

So Count Mayo (played in this comic by Vincent Price) tells Louie, Joey, and Smurdock "Remember if any one of you dares open your trap to Iron Jaw the Rident will attend to you first! One of you answer that phone!" We notice ringing noises in the background. Louie, Joe4y and Smurdock eye Vincent Price suspiciously. 15 minutes ago they never heard of him and now he's bossing htem around and threatening them. In the near foreground, almost invisible is the Rodent because he's poorly blocked.

A bunch of telephone wires separate Iron Jaw from Louie, who has answered the phone. Wow! iron Jaw is talking into one of those antique phones where the earpiece and the mouthpiece were separate entities! Iron Jaw says "This is Iron Jaw! I'm coming right up - and I'm bringing a W.A.V.E. with me! Don't anybody act surprised to see her! None of you have seen her before, but act like you know her well!"

Louie covers the mouthpiece on his modern phone. He smirks and says "Speak of the devil - it's Iron Jaw! Says he's got a W.A.V.E. with him! Name is Helen Smith!"

Vincent price takes a drag on his cigarette in its holder. "A W.A.V.E.??" he remarks, "Wait in the other room, Rodent! I want to find out what Iron Jaw is up to before I turn him over to you! Might prove useful!"

Rodent speaks in a thick German accent "Yah. But please hurry! My babies - dey are very hungry." Rodent is referring to one of the rats on his shoulder, observing.

Vincent Price looks out the window. "Here he comes now," he announces, "All right everybody remember her name is Helen Smith!"

Iron Jaw stomps in. First person he notices is Vincent Price in a purple striped suit. "Count Mayo? What are you doing in America?"

You can see the smirk on Vincent Price even though he's drawn really tiny. "You are surprised, Iron Jaw! Pleasantly I hope!"

Louie and Smurdock meanwhile are hitting on the W.A.V.E. because she's cute. Smurdock runs a comb through the oil in his hair and says "Hiya Helen!" Louie fixes his tie and says "Hellooo Helen!" Joey is the only eager beaver in the group and he says "Heil Hitler!" Joey knows who he's serving and he wants to remind Helen.

Helen is surprised, and questioning. "Y... You, you know me?"

Joey's all smiles. "Certainly we know you! Hey what's got into you?"

Louie cocks his arm on his hip and puffs out his chest. He airily leers "Why, Helen, how could we forget you?"

Helen is relieved, she had lost her memory a couple pages back. Woulda been nice to have seen a bruise or something on her head where she banged her head on the corner of the nightstand, but she says "Then it must be true! You all know me! Oh - if only I could remember..."

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