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The Tenth Month

I'm going to skip over how Senator Elizabeth Warren stepped on her own dick by announcing her minuscule fraction of either northern or southern American non-white ancestry. That was just stupid.

So since Halloween is coming up I thought I'd share with you little children a couple of stories I did when I was 30 or so and the internet was a brand new thing, a wondrous thing. These are ghost stories I found online somewhere. Please enjoy.

Comic transcript

Story Name: Black Utida< br />< br /> This is strange but it is true, unfortunately. < br />< br /> The farm is now an evil soybean farm, 5 miles from Utah state in Idaho. These stories had been told to me my whole life, most occurred in the 1950s.

The house was called Black Utida, because the boards turned black, most likely from mildew.

Even now, there's an evil and very sad feeling just driving past the field where it stood.

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