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Back in 2014, Fort Dudak had a clever idea on how to break through his malaise of semi productivity: make a 30-Day, page-a-day, comics JAM! A Jam, for the unaware, is an improvised comic (frequently done with other artists alternating panels). Through this, he blasts past his desire to meticulously craft story, dialogue, and art, which all to frequently had lead to slow work and frustrations for this aspiring artist with a day job to manage. So everyday, for a whole month - six panels penciled and inked and put aside. Each next day another. Hence Fort Dudak's SIX PACK was born. Enjoy the manic, sloppy, inspired, juvenile works - some arranged around themes: quitting cigarettes, fitness, and the forth coming ALL CELEBRITY ISSUE!

(an unlimited, non-narrative series for grown ups)

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