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Weird Comic Stories!

Horseshoe MidgetWhy did Wally Wood off himself? What was Chris Claremont smoking when he created Bird Boy? Is Stan Lee an actual storyteller, or is he just an organizational figurehead who was in the right place at the right time? Are there other fantastic questions about comics that can be asked and answered?

I sure don't know. Maybe. On this page is comics' version of "Chariots of the Gods" where Comics For Grownups looks at the crazy comic industry and discusses the weird stories that no one likes to talk about. Or maybe stuff that happened more than 70 years ago and people have utterly stopped caring about it, but we'll talk about it here because there might be a good joke in it.

The comics business attracts a lot of colorful personalities, and the men who made comics happen certainly deserve the laurels of the hero. However, if they do weird things and I can make a good joke about it later on, then I'm gonna talk about it. I'm no comics insider; I've been on the fringes of the industry for decades but I sure have read a shitload of them. It is for this reason I consider myself fully qualified to present mannered remarks on the foibles and follies of America's indigenous artform.

Weird Stories about Comics

Story One: The Strange Affair of The Sniffer

Story Two: Comics and Dreams

Story Three: Why Superhero Comics Bite

Story Four: Goony and Phil Motion Comic

Story Five: Who is The Crimebuster?

Story Six: What is the Future of Motion Comics?

Story Seven: What was the original cast of the Watchmen in 1986?

Story Eight: Oriental Rock and Boy Comics #31 Motion Comic

Story Nine: Mr. Pipps and the Wide-Awakes Comic

Story Ten: The Wingless Griffin, an Illustrated Story