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Cover image of 'Gentlemen's Pernicious Entertainment'

I was speaking with a younger person the other day and talking about the words "comics" vs. "graphic novels". These two words have acquired divergent meetings; one refers to childish entertainment fit only for idiots and perverts, and the other refers to stylish long-form entertainment fit for discerning adults. I was surprised to learn this. In my mind, these two words are exactly the same in that they describe sequential images that tell a story. Graphic novels are comics, and vice versa. But hey, if the marketing works then it works. I'll call them graphic novels all day if it means I can sell more of them.

But Comics for Grownups isn't just about selling our awesome comics that you should buy immediately. Nope, we want to be a tastemaker and spread the words about the comics that take the medium seriously. On this page you will find links to a variety of comics that jangle our nerves and hold our attention with the strength of the human bite reflex. We will also strive to present links for you to purchase these wonders from the artists themselves, or from their estates. If you're new to comics, or an old salt, please enjoy! Check back often, as the list is constantly growing!

Graphic Novels for Discerning Men and Women