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boneus boneBoneus Bone has worked a long time for Comics for Grownups. His blood type is A and his favorite food is hotdogs with ketchup, as nature intended. There's this thing in the midwest about how one isn't supposed to put ketchup on a hotdog but that's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. In the midwest they put relish on hotdogs, which renders it indedible. They also put relish on hotdogs unless you expressly tell them not to do it. Oh yeah, let me add to the flavor of your hotdog by pouring a goo over it made up of pickles and cabbage. Not only will the bun become soggy, but you'll forget all about the hotdog and all you will taste is this salty disgusting relish.

At any rate, Boneus Bone is as serious as a heart attack about his tankoubon. Growing up in America before the internet worked, Boneus Bone was utterly unaware of the vast amount of Japanese comics made purely of dirt. He felt a pressing need to read comics that had naked people doing things to each other, but there were none available. In fact, no one had heard the word Japanese character meaning "made of dirt" by that point; there was no word in American for what Boneus needed to read except for "comics made from the guts of the earth".

And so one day Boneus Bone woke up from a dream with a killer idea for a story and he wrote it out. He thought it was funny as a vegetable grown into a rude shape, and he submitted it to a magazine and they promptly rejected it. He forgot all about it, and then about six years later he realized that it could be made into a really funny comic. So he found artist Bobby Bittmintonn and the rest is, as they say, "l'histoire".

Boneus has done a couple other comics since then under the pen name Bing Bong Ting Tang, and drew them himself. They may one day appear here in Comics for Grownups, but until then, please enjoy Boneus Bone's most famous work, Gentlemen's Pernicious Entertainment.