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Lax Team Sex Scandal Issue #1

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Welcome! This page tells you all about The Lax Team Sex Scandal #1, written by

Sam Battin
and published in !

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  • Paper - This is a full size, 10 inch by 6.75 inch paper comic with twenty-seven pages of high quality color!

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What's it about? This is the fantabulous first issue of about ten or fifteen more issues to come. It tells the tale of a white lacrosse team at a university somewhere in the southern United States. Events beyond their control call them to band together and stand strong against a heinous accusation of the rape of a black stripper! The lacrosse team faces a welter of false accusations from the press, from their town, and from their own school that can not only destroy their reputation and good name, but place them in prison for up to fifteen years!

Assisting these brave young men in their plight is the costumed hero Crimebuster. He fights on the side of the law, and his boss sends him southwards to head off civil unrest that threatens to destroy the city. This comic takes you inside the rib cage of all the action, where you can see the details of the original crime report, protestors losing their minds, as well as thrilling details about Crimebuster, Crimebuster's boss, and much more!

We also meet Crimebuster's pet monkey "Squeeks", a mischevious white-headed capuchin.

Boys and girls of all ages
are almost certain to laugh at this monkey's comical antics!

Here's a sample page from issue #1!

Lax Team Sex Scandal Issue one, Page 10

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For no cost whatsoever, you can get an RAR file showing you six whole pages of the first issue! This file contains a watermark but it's totally readable and each page is about 900 pixels tall by 600 pixels wide. Just download, unzip, and read!

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