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Lax Team Sex Scandal Issue #2

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Welcome! This page tells you all about Lax Team Sex Scandal #2, written by

Sam Battin

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  • Paper - This is a full size, 10 inch by 6.75 inch paper comic with twenty-three pages of high quality color!

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What's it about?

This is the just-as-high second issue of about ten or fifteen more issues to come. Continuing the story of chapter one, "The Maddened Mob", we get to see Crimebuster meet the accused members of the lacrosse team. The townspeople have turned their backs on them after they were accused of raping a black stripper, and the university isn't far behind from joining in on the witch hunt.

We also learn more about an email sent between the lacrosse team members with the full expectation that their private communication would remain private. What happens if the police get hold of it? What happens if the national press gets hold of it? Read this sorry tale, and think about how enemies might twist your own words to hurt you and those you love!

This sensational second issue also brings you more antics featuring Crimebuster's pet monkey "Squeeks"! You may find yourself roaring with laughter when you see what Squeeks gets up to in this issue! Make sure your doors and windows are securely closed when you read this comic, or your neighbors might call the police because of the raucous laughter and noisy horseplay coming out of your house or apartment!

Here's a sample page from issue #2!

Lax Team Sex Scandal Issue two, Page 7

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