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Lax Team Sex Scandal Issue #3

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Welcome! This page tells you all about The Lax Team Sex Scandal #3, written by

Sam Battin

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  • Paper - This is a full size, 10 inch by 6.75 inch paper comic with twenty-three pages of high quality color!

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What's it about?

This is the trembling third issue of about ten or fifteen more issues to come. Continuing the story of chapter one, "The Maddened Mob", we get to see Crimebuster face an all-out attack from Baron University students, as they raise the stakes and start doxing individual players!

The story of the private email continues, with a new twist! The cops get a hold of it, but there's another email that threatens someone else with rape, too! Who sent it? Who received it? Who was the target of this awful threat? You won't believe the answers to any of these questions at first, but then you might get angry.

Lastly, we get to meet a new sinister character who's out to poison the reputations of the young college lacrosse players! When our enemies abandon honor and fair play, there's no telling what will happen!

Here's a sample page from issue #3!

Lacrosse Rape Hoax Issue three, Page 7

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